Violins room
Lavuta - violins room
Lavuta - violins room
Welcome to Lavuta website

Welcome to Lavuta

                                                   Sale of string instruments in one room

I am a private seller offering a selection of musical instruments for professional and amateur musicians: violin, cello, double bass - mainly German (Tyrol), Czech (Bohemia) and French violins. All the musical instruments I sell are unique, beautiful, mostly handmade. Check out our selection of antique violins, some are restored and some are original. Always open to "reasonable offers".

Quality musical instruments

for a reasonable price

For professional and amateur musicians

Antigue violins: Mostly German (Tyrol), Czech (Bohemia) and French

Repair & setup service for violins

FREE SHIPPING: UK and Republic of Ireland.

Antique Violins for Sale
Antique Violins for Sale
Prices open to "reasonable offers"
violin accessories
violin accessories
Violin repair and maintenance
Repairs and servicing violins
Repairs and servicing violins
Magherafelt - Northern Ireland
Lavuta violins room
Lavuta violins room

Quality musical instruments at reasonable prices

If you're in the market for a musical instrument, consider a used one. There are plenty of options for buying, and here are the best. My name is Zdenek Horvath, I am a private violin repairer and seller. I come from Brno (Czech Republic), live in Magherafelt - Northern Ireland. I also have many years of experience in repairing musical instruments such as violins, cellos and double basses. I took over the tradition of this craft from my father (Alois Horvath - company Lavuta) and now I continue the legacy. Today it is my hobby.

               A personal visit for the purpose of purchasing or repairing a musical instrument must be arranged in advance.

The vast majority of old musical instruments (that I sell) are sought after primarily for their history and beautiful sound.

                                                            I distinguish musical instruments into 3 categories:

1) Student violin: ordinary, cheap, ordinary wood, (plywood, cheap from China violin), machine work etc. No history, low quality.

                              Price from £50 to £200. I certainly would not ask for more and would not recommend to spend more then £200.

2) For advanced: Better wood, better work and varnish, history, quality fingerboard and pegs, better sound, price / performance ratio.

                              From £200 to £1000 (Recommended price).

3) Professional violin (master violin): Not a Simple Answer. The price you pay for the highest quality violins depends on who made                                                                      them, where they were made, what is its condition etc. Price £1000 to £100 000 ... ?

What I have described is the same for all musical instruments. The prices of viola, cello, double bass will be much higher.